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As a result of many enquiries from Australians who have returned from working in the UK and others who have migrated to Australia, Collins House engaged the services of an experienced UK Pension Transfer Specialist Mr Peter Almond. Up until 23rd December 2014 Peter was licenced by Collins House Private Wealth Pty Ltd however he is now licenced by another Australian Financial Services Licensee as his business has grown.

Peter Almond (FPC)

Peter has been a qualified and authorised UK financial advisor since 1990. In 1992 he set up his own independent financial services company in the North West of England. He has been involved in all areas of financial services and has the experience to discuss the merits of the majority of UK life, pension and investment products. Due to the expansion of his company in the late 1990’s Peter concentrated on investment and pensions, specialising in providing advice on wealth creation.

In 2006 he decided to relocate to Melbourne and upon investigating the Australian financial services system was amazed at the flexibility and additional benefits that could be achieved by transferring UK pensions to Australia. The problem he discovered was that UK expats and Australians returning from working in the UK encountered reluctance from Australian financial advisors in providing advice on the merits of transferring pensions. This was due to their lack of knowledge of UK pension legislation and the variety of pension products available in the UK.

Now a permanent resident in Australia Peter is looking forward to assisting new clients with advice on their UK pensions and confirming the potential benefits of transferring to an Australian Superannuation Fund.

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