Nearly all Public Offer Super Funds employ Advisors either directly of indirectly who are restricted in what they can advise you on, and in many cases Volume Bonuses are paid to business owners if they promote a particular type of Fund, even if they recommend a Self Managed Super Fund. 

So how do you know you are in the fund that best suits your needs? 

As we care about your future as much as you do, Collins House Private Wealth offers completely Independent Financial & Investment Advice, so you know you are not being “sold” a particular Super Fund product or service. 

We have an unrestricted Approved Product List, which means we are not limited to recommending certain funds, we rebate all commissions and all “volume” bonuses, thus providing a truly Independent Service, and we assist you chose your Super Fund based upon:

  • The level of Investment choice you feel comforable with
  • The frequency and style of Reporting that suits your needs
  • The level of involvement in the day to day running of your financial affairs
  • The level of Fees & Charges
  • The transparency of underlying Investment Risk
  • The level of Capital and Income Guarantees
  • The type and availability of Life Insurance Cover

Our experience will assist you make the right Super choices, after all its your money we’re talking about!

We also provide Independent Legal and Taxation Services through our sister firms, Collins House Legal & Collins House Accountants.

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