Frequently Asked Questions

About Collins House Online Investment Services (Collins House Online)

Collins House Online (a Corporate Authorised representative of Collins House Private Wealth AFSL 449146) began in 2017, in response to the demand from large sections of the public wanting professional investment advice that was low cost, independent and easily accessible on different technological platforms.

Dominic Alafaci established Collins House in 1999 to create a multi- disciplinary financial advice firm that today is one of only a handful that specialise in providing Independent Financial and Investment advice. The firm provides a range of services including superannuation, taxation, accounting, estate planning and legal services.

Our Philosophy

Investing does not need to be complex and intimidating. Collins House Online takes a personalised approach and invests on your behalf based on your unique circumstances. Collins House Online is a hassle-free online service that invests your money in a diversified portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), taking the stress out of investing.

We take the time to understand your risk profile in order to develop an investment strategy for your personal situation, leading to a better financial experience and at a lower cost.

What does Collins House Online provide?

Independent Advice – We offer professional, independent investment advice that matches your personal risk profile and time horizon without any commissions or kickbacks. Our advice is always in your best interests. We recommend that before you invest you carefully read the information contained in the relevant “Acknowledge by Investor” to ensure the advice suits your particular needs.

Personal Advice – We ask you for your financial goals and asses your risk appetite & capacity. This allows us to provide you with personalised investment advice and recommend an individualised investment portfolio.

Assets held in your name – When you invest with Collins House Online your assets are always held in your name rather than pooled with other customer’s investments. This benefits you because you have control over your assets, and because your portfolio has its own individual tax position, so we can smartly rebalance your portfolio to optimise the tax impact of capital gains.

Bank Account Access – We do not ask for access to your bank account, which eliminates the possibility of you breaching your bank’s Terms and Conditions of use.

What are the benefits of using Collins House Online?

Minimum Investment of $10,000 – To get started, you need to invest $10,000, although you are able to transfer lesser amounts into your Macquarie CMA and we will not deploy the funds until your balance reaches $10,000.

Personal Risk Profile – When you begin, we will ask you to complete a series of questions to determine your personal risk profile. This will allow us to develop a portfolio that suits your level of risk tolerance, from low-risk to aggressive.

Save time and relax – Collins House Online takes care of your investment portfolio so you have more time to sit back and relax.
We keep a close eye on your portfolio and make adjustments where necessary.

Nobel Prize-winning research – Our investment strategy is based on Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio theory. It seeks to optimise returns through each risk level based on diversification, low management fees and an understanding of an investor’s risk profile, goals and investment timeline.

Six asset classes – Collins House Online invests in Australian Shares, Global Shares, Emerging Markets, Property, Bonds and Cash. All Assets are held in your name.

What type of advice does Collins House Online provide?

Collins House Online provides independent investment advice primarily in relation to portfolio construction and investment selection, whilst also incorporating investment execution, monitoring, rebalancing and reporting. Prior to investing you should carefully read the information contained in the relevant “Acknowledgement by Investor”, to ensure the advice suits your particular needs. The advice that Collins House Online provides is termed scaled advice, insofar it does not seek, or purport, to be comprehensive in nature. Comprehensive advice typically incorporates advice on a range of areas including superannuation, retirement planning, salary packaging, insurance and estate planning.

What happens to my money if Collins House Online was to be acquired, sold or closed down?

When you invest with Collins House Online, all your investments are held in your name. If Collins House Online is ever acquired, sold, or shut down you will still have full control over all your investments.

All ETFs are held under a personalised Holder Identification Number in your name and your cash balance is held in your individual Macquarie Cash Management Account in your name.

What Third Parties do Collins House Online use?

• Clover: Operate the investment platform that Collins House Online uses which incorporates investment execution, rebalancing and reporting.

OpenMarkets: Is an independently owned stockbroker that facilitates the trade of all investments in your Collins House Online portfolio.

Macquarie Bank: Provide a Cash Management Account (CMA) for each Collins House Online account.

Veda: Provide identity verification services to satisfy our legal requirement to check that you are who you say you are and not a robot. Utilising Veda saves you the hassle of sending in your personal identifying documents.

Why would I use Collins House Online instead of buying ETFs directly?

If you have the experience, expertise, and time to monitor your portfolio and to rebalance it in response to market movements, then self-managing your portfolio is certainly an option.

However, we have built Collins House Online for the vast majority of people who prefer not to spend the time and worry managing their portfolio.

The benefits of using Collins House Online rather than an online broker include:

Personalised Advice: Our first goal is to create a portfolio, which is suitable for you in light of your financial objectives, and risk tolerance. We create a personalised recommendation for you based on your investing needs and continually monitor your portfolio to ensure that it’s weighted correctly and stays appropriate as per our recommendation.

Diversified Portfolios: We are strong believers in managing risk and not just focussing on returns. We seek to maximise your take-home return at every level of risk. Our diversified portfolios invest across a broad range of asset classes and we regularly stress test the target portfolios to ensure that the risk/return characteristics of the portfolios stay appropriate.

Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing: Over time, your portfolio will move from its target allocation, as some assets will perform better than others will. We continually monitor your portfolio for its drift from the target allocation and rebalance smartly to maximise the potential for better long-term returns.

Tax reporting: We provide you with a tax summary of your Collins House Online portfolio, soon after financial year-end, which can be directly inputted into your tax returns.

Is Collins House Online regulated by the government?


Collins House Online is regulated by The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and operates as a Corporate Authorised Representation of Collins House Private Wealth Pty Ltd, under the Australian Financial Services License (#449146). Well-known and respected Investment Advisor, Dominic Alafaci is the Responsible Officer and Managing Director of Collins House Private Wealth Pty Ltd.

How can I contact Collins House Online?

You can contact us at or 03 80807838