Fee Examples

Portfolio  Size Total Annual Fees
$10,000 $80.00
$20,000 $160.00
$50,000 $400.00
$100,000 $800.00


· Total annual fee excludes GST
· Does not include brokerage which is a transaction cost and charged at a rate of 6 basis points. (For example, for a portfolio of $50,000 your one-off  brokerage cost would be $30 )
· Does not include ETF management fees which are an indirect cost and come out of the ETF unit price. ETF charges for our portfolios range from 16 basis points to 20 basis points and can be viewed under the section What Am I Invested In ? on our homepage.

What’s Included

  • A Personally Tailored Investment Plan
  • The choice of 5 Professionally Managed Investment Portfolios ranging from Conservative through to Aggressive
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Rebalancing when required
  • Beneficial ownership so all investments are held in your name
  • 24/7 online access to your portfolio
  • Full reporting and annual tax statements