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What is Collins House Online?


Collins House Online combines the expertise of 20 years of independent financial advice with the efficiencies and ease of use of digital technology.

The result is an affordable solution that allows everyday Australians to access low cost, professionally managed diversified portfolios with just a few simple clicks.

Collins House Online is run by Dominic Alafaci, one of Australia’s most well-respected independent financial advisers.

Listen to Dominic discuss the different services offered by Collins House.

Save to purchase a Property

Let Collins House start you on that journey of owning your own property with one of our personalised investment portfolio’s

Investing for your Children

Give your children a financial head start in life by helping them to save for their future education costs.

Save for something special

An overseas holiday ? A new car ?
Perhaps just a rainy day.
Get started now with a Collins House Investment Portfolio.

Investing for your SMSF

Collins House Online offers professionally managed investment portfolios that are simple to set up, affordable and tailored to you.

How Collins House Online Works

Answer a few short questions

Answer a few, short questions about your financial goals and risk tolerance.

View your portfolio

Receive a tailored investment plan that matches your goals. All of our investment portfolios are constructed using low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).


Decide how much you wish to invest. Our minimum investment is only $10,000.


Sit back, relax and let Collins House manage your portfolio.

Watch our short explainer video

Why Collins House Online?

Low Cost

Get started with a minimum investment of only $10,000. All of our portfolios are built with low-fee Exchange Traded Funds.

Simple to Use

Our state of the art technology is simple and easy to use. Open your account within minutes

Independent Advice

No commissions or kickbacks. Our advice is always in your best interest.

Expert Guidance

Collins House has been providing Independent Financial and Investment advice since 1999.

Diversified Portfolios

Our investment strategy is based on the Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory, which seeks to minimize risk and maximize returns through diversification.

24/7 Access

You can keep track of your portfolio 24/7 via our client portal which includes full reporting capabilities and annual tax statements.

No lock-in contracts. No establishment fees. No exit fees. No worries.

No lock-in contracts.

No establishment fees.

No exit fees.

No worries.

What Am I Invested in?

    • Collins House Online offers the choice of 5 Individually Tailored Investment Portfolios ranging from Conservative
      through to Aggressive. 
    • Each portfolio provides exposure to different asset classes. (Australian Shares, Fixed Income, International Shares, Enhanced Cash, Australian Listed Property, Emerging Markets) so you have a diversified portfolio.
    • Our portfolios invest in Exchange-Traded Funds thereby providing you with exposure to over 1000 different companies from around the world.
      An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a type of investment fund listed on the stock exchange and traded like shares. Each ETF holds a collection of securities, the composition of which mirrors a particular index, such as the S&P/ASX 200 index of Australian shares.ETFs allow individual investors to gain all the diversification benefits of owning a large number of securities while only having to hold one investment.
    • Click here for Information on each portfolio including Historical Performance and Asset Class Weighting


60% growth, 40% defensive


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Robo-Advice Explained

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Helping Everyday Australians Reach Their Goals

I wanted to start a small investment portfolio for my son in the hope that in the years to come he will have enough for a home deposit. I find Collins House Online to be a great place to make this happen. It’s quick and simple to set up and I can monitor my son’s portfolio on a daily basis.


From the moment my children were born I opened a bank account each for them and commenced saving for their futures. Unfortunately, that method has produced miserable returns. Finally, I have a product that I can trust, is easy-to-use, and produces a far better return based on my risk profile. This is “set and forget” mechanics at its best and gives me peace of mind. Thank you Collins House Online!


Don’t let another year pass you by…

Try Collins House Online and get your free, no-obligation customised investment plan.


At Collins House we care about our client’s investments, that’s why we avoid all Conflicts of Interest and only provide Independent Financial & Investment Advice.